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USB Hubs and USB 1.1 vs 2.0

I am having trouble with my 2nd Belkin USB Hub, Model F5U237. (In all fairness, the issue may not be Belkin's. Read on ...)
Can anyone recommend a 7+ Port  110V Powered  USB Hub?  Or make any recommendations? My Hub either stops working, and I have to cycle the power, or it works but doesn't Charge the devices plugged into it (like an IPAD). Maybe I am expecting too much out of a USB Hub ... although every USB device works perfect when plugged directly into the Ccomputer's USB ports.

Here's what I am trying to keep connected on a USB Hub:
* 1 Printer (Actually a Smart Label Printer by Seiko) ... always plugged into USB but only used occasionally
* Microsoft Mouse USB Receiver (used all the time of course)
* Docking Station for IPOD (used occaisionally)
* Docking Station for IPHONE 4 (used occaisionally)
* An External Hard Drive with it's own 110V adapter in use (Drive used often, for backups every hour)

(I also hear that I shouldn't use any USB 1.1 Deviced on a Hub with USB 2.0 Devices)
3 Solutions
I always like using belking hubs, but second option  would recommend D-Link USB Hub 2.0 TYPE A, 7-PORT
USB 1.1 is compatible with 2.0.  But you'll only get 1.1 throughput with it.

If it stops working, it sounds like there's a resource conflict such that you plug one device in that tries using the same communication channels as a device that's already on there.  I know that in Windows you can try reassigning the resources in Device Manager and see how far that takes you, but in terms of using a splitter, I think you might be better off purchasing more splitters with a smaller number of ports so you don't overload a single port.
i have the sam hub -  no problems
you can of course have a bad one - then it must be replaced
can you test it on another PC just to be sure it is not the PC - but the hub ?
bleggeeAuthor Commented:
I've had the same Hub on multiple computers ... Mac's actually ... with the same issue. And also returned the Belkin for a new one of the same model ... same issue . Makes me think I am doing something wrong on the User end. As suggested, I'll try using 2 of them on 2 diff USB Ports ... that might at least give us some new info (like which one fails) ... then I can swap hubs, etc.
Thanks everybody

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