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What happens to the personal views a user has created for x libraries and lists when that account is deleted from the SharePoint (meaning the user has no more access to any apps, sites or subsites) or AD?  In which DB and table is that information stored?  Is there a process that needs to be, or can be, run that makes sure that all of these views are removed when the user is removed as well?

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ufarooqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
any contents ,views , pages create by user will reamain there even if he leaves the company . after you remove him from AD , he will not have access to them . but his name will be there in your farm . you can search on his name and it will show you  contents created by him.
There are 3rd party toold that do this job much better by the way ,

personal views are stored  in content data base . to see the personal views
go to SQL go to the content data base
run this query on the table dbo.webparts
select tp_viewfrom webparts
where tp_displayname like '%reliott66%'
relliott66Author Commented:
k, so even if I remove the user from the farm by deleting from Sharepoint (every site, library, list, etc) that user's 'personalizations' will still remain as an artifact in the DBs?

And thanks for the query.  Found that one this morning as well :)  But, since the post only showed you were to look I left this question open....
relliott66Author Commented:
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