VMware / MD3200i wrong number of iSCSI paths reported

I'm having an issue and I start pulling my hair trying to figure it out.

I have followed the official guide http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pvaul/en/md-family-deployment-guide.pdf on how to set it up but I'm having a big issue with the number of iSCSI paths.

Mine is very typical setup 3 ESX Servers with 2 switches and one MD3200i

 iSCSI Switch
and here is the mapping

Issue is very simple, I should see 8 paths (4 Active and 4 standby)

in my case 2 servers showing this way.

 iSCSI paths
and when I check the iSCSI path on the LUN (I see 4 ACTVE AND 3 STANDBY):

and on another server is kinda a mess up.
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atigrisAuthor Commented:

I was able to resolve this issue, missconfig from my end.

First  issue; with 7 out of 8 iSCSI targets. it was bad cable on one of the controllers!.

I was pinging  the controllers's  IP Address  one by one from each switch and I found one port was down.

The issue with the other server which has iSCSI targets completely wrong. Please read below:

MD3200i should be connected to 2 switches (each runs it's on subnet).

in may case I had 4 iSCSI nics connected on ESX server, 2 links to each subnet and that was wrong.

I removed the extra 2 iSCSI links and kept only 2, one to each switch and it worked beautifully.

Thanks for your help anyway.

IT looks like a zoning issue to me. I am not a storage person but I would start at the top and go over the whole storage setup. I dont know if you have seen this.


atigrisAuthor Commented:
It's all working
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