Centos5.6 FC multipathing setup to SUN6140

I have recently built a Centos5.6 x86_64 server with dual Emulex HBA zoned through 2 switches to a SUN6140.

Can someone please assist with setting up multipathing correctly? I have found lots of web posts relating to editing the multipah.conf file but not being an Linux expert I've decided to ask here.

Thanks in advance.
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The link (for EMC) is also for reference.
But use the first article in my first post which is for Sun ST.

This article has more details for Multipath:

multipath -ll
- Install multipath (as root)
yum install device-mapper-multipath

If your storage subsystem is automatically detected, no further configuration of the multipath-tools is required.
Otherwise, reference the followinf URL for multipath.conf

Read the installation or configuration guide from Emulex and Sun carefully. There will be a lot of time to trial and error.

Here is another article with introduction about linux multipath (worth for reference)

Good luck.
kinsja1Author Commented:
I've run the yum installer and it has reported back the following:

Package device-mapper-multipath-0.4.7-42.el5_6.2.x86_64 already installed and latest version
Nothing to do

So, the question is - does this mean that it's all setup correctly by default? If so, is there a good way to test this? At present I have presented a new unformatted LUN.


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kinsja1Author Commented:
Hi wesly chen,
I had also found this article (for EMC) but should I do something like this for SUN? It seems to suggest that centos by default blacklists all devices.


I appreciate your assistance.

Hi kinsja1,

You should have the blacklist for the device so that the output of multipath would be clean and would not include the local disk in the output of multipath command.


Umesh Panwar
kinsja1Author Commented:
The information provided was enough to configure the multipathing. Thanks for all the help.
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