How does mxml work

I have a sample-script, that I expect to work by simply uploading it to a server, but it only consist of an mxml-file and two .as-files in folders. I have never been able to understand flex. What am I missing. How do I see it live in a browser. The script could be found here.
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dgofmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Scripts are working fine.
You need to download and install Flash Builder

Create a new Project File->New->Flex Project
Give a project name and very important for you scripts pick "Use specific SDK" ->Select 3.5
Click Finish button

Now copy files from ZIP under you project src directory
Right click on S3PostSampleTest.mxml file and select "Set as Default Application"
Right click on the same file again and pick Run As->Default Application
petersegoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, at last I suddenly understand how Flex is working, but something is either wrong with the files or - more probably - my attempts.
First of all I copied the entire folder S3PostSample to the src-directory.
After setting S3PostSampleTest.mxml as deault I tred to right-click again, but did not find Run As->Default Application.
Set as Default Application is still there, just below Run Application.
When I try to do that, I get an error saying Error exist in project. When I continue anyway, I get an error saying File not found: .../bin-debug/S3PostSampleTest.html

I also notice that there is small crosses placed on some of the files - indicating some kind of errors.

When you wrote that scripts are working fine, was that because you tested it?
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