Get info from webpage via webbrowser VB

On the webpage theres code like this

<DT>Number of dogs: </DT>
<DD id=r_dogs></DD>
<DT>Number of cats: </DT>
<DD id=r_cats></DD>

on the page it shows the value of the variables, but in the source it just says id=r_dogs etc..

is there anyway to get the value of r_dogs without  copying the text once its visible on the page?

ie is there something like this

        Set HTML = Form1.WebBrowser1.Document
        MsgBox HTML.All.Item("r_dogs").Value  ? (note this doesnt work lol)

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Luis PérezSoftware Architect in .NetCommented:
If you use WebBrowser, in WebBrowser1.Document you get a copy of the rendered HTML result, so it's not possible to get the value of r_dogs, but only the rendered text. You can't access to programatical source of the page.
What is the url of the page in question ?
bail3yzAuthor Commented:
the url is a paid site, so you can not view the page I need assistance with unless you have a paid membership unfortunately
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