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VBScript to Javascript

I have no idea how simple this is but I want to implement a VBS off a website as javascript.  Up front I am reasonably competent with VBS and a numpty with Javascript.  Basicaly the sub gathers the contents of a range of dropdowns to be subsequently passed to a VBS to process the files.

The generatefile sub is stored in and triggered in one frame, (top) and the combos are in another, (main).  Top has a form with a single button which when pressed runs generatefile to get a comma delimited list of the combo selections.

Variable files is a parameter required of the form action so can be ignored apart from the fact that on completion it is to be a comma seperated list of the drop down values.

retfilenames can I hope be ignored as it takes the dropdown contents in turn and concateneates them ... I will be asking seperately for this conversion so if you accept it takes two strings and returns the merged result of each input.

Sub GenerateFile()

	Set MainFrm = parent.document.frames("main")
	If MainFrm Is Nothing Then
		msgbox "Couldn't get frame"
		Set DocObj = MainFrm.document
		Set InObj = DocObj.getElementById("combo1")
		strFileName = InObj.value
		strfilenames = retfilenames(strfilenames, strfilename)

		Set InObj = DocObj.getElementById("combo2")
		strFileName = InObj.value
		strfilenames = retfilenames(strfilenames, strfilename)

msgbox replace(strfilenames, ",", vbcrlf)

		document.getElementById("files").value = strFileNames
	end if
End Sub

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Chris Bottomley
Chris Bottomley
1 Solution
iGottZFrontend EngineerCommented:
function GenerateFile() {
	var MainFrm = parent.document.frames("main") || false;
	if (!MainFrm) {
		alert("Couldn't get frame");
	var DocObj = MainFrm.document;
	var InObj = DocObj.getElementById("combo1");
	strFileName = InObj.value;
	strfilenames = retfilenames(strfilenames, strfilename);
	var InObj = DocObj.getElementById("combo2");
	strFileName = InObj.value;
	strfilenames = retfilenames(strfilenames, strfilename);
	strfilenames = strfilenames.replace(/\r\n/gi, ",");
	document.getElementById("files").value = strfilenames;

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as note: if strFileName and strfilenames are not initialized outside that function i will tell you to write var before their initialisations.

also keep in mind that variables in javascript are case sensitive
Chris BottomleyAuthor Commented:
Great thank you, full completion was achieved in the related thread.

Anyone looking here for clues then I suggest you look to http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Languages/Scripting/JavaScript/Q_27036095.html for the complete picture.


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