Scheduled backup to multiple external disks

I'm trying to setup a scheduled backup task with Windows Server Backup, and I have one external disk for each day. When the next day come, it says that it cannot find the disk (as it has another name) than the disk I selected when I created the backup job.

I dont want it to reformatting the whole disk, just make a backup file on the disk that it overwrite when you connect the same disk again (for that day).

How can I configure this? Or make a backupscript that does it more easy.

Thanks for any help!
Mr WooberAsked:
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SaadAhmedFarooquiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to create separate backup jobs for each week of the day.

In that backup job set as destination the proper disk.

I used this approach for Tape drives so it should work with hard disk also.

For example:

Backup Job     Hard Disk

MondayBK    =   MondayHD
TuesdayBK   =   TuesdayHD
shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends what kind of backup is it
If its backup of windows or any services then i would highly recommend to go for a Drive Imaging software like Acronis
It handles such things really well
All you need is an external storage device and schedule the backups to the same external storage device
Sometimes it fails because you are either mapping the drive or not providing the username and password during the scheduled backup task
If you are scheduling the backup to an external source, always give its complete path followed by a username and password to access that device
Mr WooberAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip, I see you need to attach all disk at once before you make the backup schedule job, so it recognize the disk when swapping to the next day!

Anyway thanks for yourm help!!
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