How to get Redmine to update an issue immediately?

Currently to edit an issue in Redmine I must:
1) Select the issue
2) Reload the page to show the issue
3) Select update from the top right corner
4) Reload the page to show the issue in update mode
5) Edit the issue

Is there any way I can configure Redmine (or modify the code - I have full access although I don't know Ruby) so it jumps directly from step 1 (select the issue) to step 4 (show the issue in update mode.

This simple change would make the tool about twice as fast for me (and our other developers) to use.
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Think there's something wrong with your installation.  On my redmine setup I just edit using steps 1, 3 and 5 (edit/update mode shown after clicking "update").  I can also select by ticking the checkbox in all issues, right-click, then click "edit" (see attached).

dpearsonAuthor Commented:
It doesn't look like there's a way to have redmine jump directly into edit mode, but this shortcut of right clicking on the issue certainly helps.  So I'll call that good enough.
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