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Outlook cannot connect to Gmail

This is a strange one.  I have a laptop that uses Outlook to connect to a Gmail account via POP.  It has worked fine for the last year or so, all of a sudden, yesterday afternoon (after working fine all day)  it starts saying "cannot connect to server", like the wrong password is entered.  We can log into Gmail via the web using the normal credentials, but still Outlook will not connect.  Here is what I've tried so far:

-Tried the laptop on both wirelss and wired connections
-Tried a different PC in the same location that uses Outlook to Gmail, that one worked
-Checked the Gmail settings to make sure POP was enabled
-Completely delted the users email profile in Outlook and rebuilt it from scratch

Still, no luck.  Can anyone think of anything else to try?
1 Solution
Have you disbaled the windows firewall and any anti-virus program you have running. I have had funny problems with outlook with some anti-virus products.
do you have some firewall/antivirus?
Acosta Technology ServicesCommented:
It's possible the connection is being blocked on its way out.  Try the following to verify:

From command prompt:  telnet pop.gmail.com 995

This should connect you into the gmail pop server, if you are unable to connect then something is blocking port 995.

Also try:  telnet smtp.gmail.com 465    

This will test your connection to the outgoing server.
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tmckinney01Author Commented:
The antivirus is AVG Free 2011, the firewall is just Windows firewall.  I am not in fornt of the laptop top right now, so I will do the telnet test later today.
tmckinney01Author Commented:
I reinstalled Outlook, all is fine now.
tmckinney01Author Commented:
I had to reinstall Outlook.

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