How to disable pending updates

I've been having issues with the latest windows 7 update. When it installs windows doesn't start. I've end up restoring to windows installation back  to 2 days ago and was able to boot. but now i can see when i restart windows wants to re-install the patch. How can i stop this from installing and what is a good plan of attach to resolve this issue.

Explanation of "doesn't start". Windows boots and black windows screen starts but i never gets to the logon it just remains and an empty black screen with a mouse arrow.
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jwbrandonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can hide updates in the Windows Update console by selecting "View Available Updates" then clicking on the individual update to receive a list of options. Hidden updates should never be automatically installed. It would be useful to know which update you've identified as the problem, though, as you want to be able to install all updates in an ideal world.
I think you are using recovery disc to install includes a lot of unwanted software that might create a problem after windows updates...could be a problem caused by security software too.


After installing updates ...seems like graphics driver is not getting updated....and its simple issue to fix..i mean the boot issue.. just updating the graphics have to launch task manager and do it.

I would not recommend disabling updates.

frosty1--If any one of these updates involves Security (which is likely) you can get free support from MS.
There is also free phone support, but it seems to take a long time.
Either way be sure to mention that a Security update is involved.
rosty1--Are you getting any error messages, especially an error code?
If so, post here, and also have ready for MS Support.
frosty1--Are you sure you want to Hide that update?  If it is a Security Update you could be putting the PC at risk.  That is why I suggested you call/email MS.
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