Can i store a text Object in Repository Items of the Business Objects

I have to print the company name on each report, can i store the company name in the repository items of the Business Objects and drop it on each report whenever i start building the new one(Like Page Number or Date). and also i think its easy to make changes at one place if there needs to updated.
Is there any way to deal with this?
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Kurt ReinhardtConnect With a Mentor Sr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
Yes, you can stored text objects in the repository.  It's a great way to store company names, copyright notices, etc..  Even better, should you ever need to change a text object, you only have to do it once and reconnect it to the repository - all other reports that use it will update the next time they're run!

I haven't used the repository but I know you can store formulas.  You could create a formula that returns the company name.

RaoVPAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kurt
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