Can't Mount Database Exchange 2010

Database dismounted. Can't seem to mount back. Based on past experience with exchange 2000 i used to be able to do an offline defragmentation remove log files and also temporary increase db size to 17 gb.

However, i'm new to exchange 2010 running on win server 2008. Trying to search online for ways to defrag or temporary increase size but can't find much info.

Also i'm running on exchange 2010 standard edition, from what I know default db limit is 50 gb, how do i increase it and to what size max can i increase it to ?

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In powershell you will need to repair the database befor eit will mount. by running the following commands:

You run Eseutil /P first.

Then you run Eseutil /D.

Then run Isinteg -fix -test alltests.
This blog will explain how to use these commands on your database.

Here is the modification for the database limit

As far as maintinging the database, that has gone the way of the DODO. in exchange 2010 you want to use a DAG (disk access group) to protect you from disk issues. it is facinating technology. Now days you just schedule maintence to happen and it happens online. There is no need to ofline the database and to isinteg and that type of ofline maintenance

I hope this helps.

@spiderwilk007: No, you do not run eseutil /p first. That has the potential for dataloss.
@louisreeves Did you mean Database Availability Groups? :)
you run eseutil /mh
then eseutil /r /l /d
then eseutil /p
If those do not work moving the log and chk files out of the Storage group and re-running above commands will allow you to boot the DB
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