ASP.NET MVC - How to route to another controller actionResult

I have MVC2 app split into different areas.

In the root I have a view called verifyCustomer.   I want this view when submitted to go to the controller action DetermineBandResult in the TeamAdmin controller which is in another area of the app.

Like tihs

 <% using (Html.BeginForm("DetermineBandResult", "TeamAdmin", new { id = User.Id}, FormMethod.Post, null))

Now when I submit it says that the view DetermineBandResult in TeamAdmin does not exist.    Do I have to create a view specifically for the action result?   I want it to do some processing then route to another view, so rso really I don't need a view called DetermineBandResult

Is this the correct approach?
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Craig WagnerConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
Your form is not submitting to a View, it is submitting to a controller action (i.e. TeamAdminController.DetermineBandResult). The controller action is probably then turning around and doing a "return View()". If that is the case, then it is expecting a view under Views/TeamAdmin/DetermineBandResult.aspx. This is why I asked initially to see the controller method.

Alternatively, you can return any view you want by specifying the view name, for example:

return View("SomeOtherView")

Another alternative is to return an ActionResult that isn't a view, for example:

return Redirect("SomeOtherPage.aspx")

Or redirect to a different action, for example:

return RedirectToAction("MyOtherAction")
Craig WagnerSoftware ArchitectCommented:
I don't think the problem is with your BeginForm call, it sounds like the problem is in the controller method code. What does it do?
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Please check page codebehind tag in ASPX page. May it has DetermineBandResult view model in that.
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ToString1Author Commented:
ok thanks.

So really what we are saying is that there needs to be a view called "DetermineBandResult" for this to work

when TeamAdminController is placed in another area, i think you need to add the name of that area to the route-values.

Html.BeginForm("action", "controller", new {area="areaname", id=User.Id} ...
ToString1Author Commented:
Yes that is correct.  However I am strill grasping with the concept of

Html.BeginForm("myAction", "controller"}

Does the view "myAction" have to exist?   Can it be an actionresult without a view?
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