How do I assess the needs such as network infrastructure for new office building?

My company is moving to a larger building  whereby we will be expanding our current IT infrastructure. I'm wondering on a network workflow type system to properly assess the needs for our new building. Currently we have about 20 pcs (winxp/win7pro) and a winxp pro system used for our server needs. Our email is hosted externally and so is our website. We do have a handful of seperate databases as well. I'm looking for direction as to order this assessment in a logical order and come up with a needed budget based on potential required needs. I'm looking at a 3rd party company to help support say a new server and networking equipment.
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Making use of a third party is an excellent idea. But there are some things you can think about before involving someone else.

1. What works now and what doesn't? What kind of changes would you like to see that you can make a business case for?

2. What new technologies or services are now available that might not have been available in the past?

3. It seems like you have a pretty small network?  Realistically over the next 5 years, how much do you think it will expand?  Are you going from a single floor to multiple floors?  is one switch enough or does it make sense to install more?

4. What challenges do you have today with security and with people that you'd like to solve when you move into the new space?

5. Is it time to upgrade the XP "server" to a real server?  Should you look at virtualization?

6. Are you in a business that is heavily regulated?  Have you had issues in the past meeting these regulations and can you now with the move address these better?

Cabling Cabling Cabling....everything else but that can be figured out later.See what rooms you might want to expand to run cables at this time not when everyone/everythings moved it. Saves a gob of time/money
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