Hyper-V Disaster Recovery

We have 3 hyper-v servers in a cluster using CSV's, one each. About 70 VM's and each server has the capacity to take on all VM's if needed. They are using a Clarrion CX3-20 SAN for storage.

We will replace our current SAN with an EMC VNX 5300 this year.

We now want to create a DR solution and need to know the best/easiest way to do it. Our current solution is restoring from Data Protection Manager which works but is a very slow process.

We have a 60K budget, enough servers to handle the load and a 20 Mbps pipe to the DR location.

I am looking at 2 methods but would like to get more input.

1 - Buy a second VNX 5300 and do SAN-SAN replication but I have no idea how to do multi-site clustering using CSV's. It looks like are no solutions for this.

2 - Put the CX3-20 SAN we are replacing in the DR location and use something like Steeleye to do the replication. In a DR situation, just bring up the VM's, change the IP's and DNS records.

My question is, what would you do? The best solution would also include something for SQL which we currently use mirroring. The SQL portion is not critical as mirroring works great but maybe there is something better which would be included with the Hyper-V solution??
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rparsons1000Author Commented:
I am just on my way home from teched where they discussed this. The only way to do it san-san is HPs 4200 but you need less than 2ms response times. Not sure who has that on a wan link. Plus the bandwidth they were talking.was out.of our league and we have a ds3  

Ive used double take for sql and never could understand the interface so am hesitanat to.look at it for hyper-v but will at least evaluate it along with steeleye. MS brought.up steeleye during the conference  
im in the same boat, have you decided what to do
i have a very simular situation, i was thinking of using double taker high availabilty for the replication software between the  2 sites or even double take geocluster software
rparsons1000Author Commented:
Found answers at Tech-Ed
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