Access backend and Excel Front End

Id like to see how to link Excel and Access with Access as the backend.
Id liek to create a report in e/xcel using access as the db.
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telyni19Connect With a Mentor Commented:
"Can I send a result of a query to display as excel spreadsheet?"

It is possible to go either way between Access and Excel. To pull data from an existing query, first set up the query in the Access database, then open your Excel front-end and go to the Data menu and choose "From Access". Browse to your database, then follow the prompts to choose the query you want and where you want to put it in your file. The result will be a linked table that pulls its data from the Access query. You can refresh the data by using the Connections option from the Data menu.
In Excel, click File, Open, File of Type (mdb, mde), Browse for the file, click, brose for the table or query.
zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
Can I send a result of a query to display as excel spreadsheet?
zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
Can u show me a macro or automated way to implement it?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Some Notes:

1. Access has much more powerful Reporting facilities than Excel does.
What type of Report are you creating in Excel, that can't be recreated in Access directly?

2. Just be aware that currently you cannot update the Access data via the Excel "Front End"
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