How to Mask a SQL Report Parameter Values

A SQL report is filtered by parameters values that are sensitive, such as bank account number and social security number. After the sensitive values are entered and [View Report] is clicked, the report renders the correct data, and continues to display the parameter values that were entered prior. I don't want someone who may be standing a few feet away to be able to note the sensitive values that appear in the parameter boxes. How can I mask these parameter values?

The idea would be similar to logging into a system and having to enter a username and password. The password would typically be masked by a series of characters, such as * instead of displaying the password in clear text. Is there a way that I can apply a similar mask to a report parameter?

If I review the XML behind the SQL report, I see tags like the following:
    <ReportParameter Name="prmSSN">
      <Prompt>Social Security #:</Prompt>
Are there other attributes, besides the Name attribute (Name="prmSSN") that I can utilize to mask the user input, such as:
    <ReportParameter Name="prmSSN" Mask="*">

Thanks a bunch
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brian_appliedcpuAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help. I have decided to use the Visual Studio ReportViewer control.
Hope you can do better but...

(see answer from MS empolyee)
Here is a suggestion though,

You could have a starting report that accepts the value. When the report is run, use a stored proc, passing the user and the secure field and store it into a table. Let all the other reports reference this table for field values. You could have another "report" that clears the values.
brian_appliedcpuAuthor Commented:
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