Quad Port Adapter Card in Server - Using All 4 ports with network


I have a new awesome Dell server and it came with a quad port network adapter. I have one port connected to the network with a Static IP.

This server is use primarily for remote desktop (terminal server) connections.

Is there a way to use all 4 ports?

If so, do I need to enable all of them to allow incoming connections via RDC?


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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Teaming and you also need a switch that will support it i.e. you can tie two interface to appear as one potentially doubling the bandwidth and on the switch you bind the two ports into which these two interfaces connect.

There is a Network Utility for Broadcom BASP, there a similar PRoset utility from Intel.
I believe it is Dell's intention that you use NIC Teaming (2 Nics teamed up as one).
I tried it several years ago and found it wanting.

Perhaps someone who has been successful will have some input
pjam is correct you use nic teaming and it is done using a utility you may need to install depending on the nic, guessing it is the intel.
It is also recommended to trunk/bond the network ports together on the switch.
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