I am having this issue with a new install of Backup Exec 2010 , I can not browse the selections

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I know this has to be some kind of rights issuse?

I used the administrator account to be a log on account  when installing this , I have restarted the services and still get this error . the administrator account has the log on as batch right and is part of the backup operators group , where can I go to diagnose this issue ?

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Generally I use a Service Domain Account with Domain Admin rights on it, and use those credentials to install the agents, you can try it that way, using the local Administrator account may be blocking your external connections to the servers where you installed the Backup agents.


this is a domain account and i am attempting to backup the local box, what do you mean by " service domain account"?

IT/EE Solution Guide
Refer to the following articles for a better understanding of the different accounts and to resolve the issue
About the Backup Exec service account

About the Backup Exec System Logon Account

Requirements for the Backup Exec Service Account (BESA).
User rights requirements
Act as a part of Operating System
Create a token object
Log on as a service
Logon as a batch job
Manage auditing and security log
Backup files and directories
Restore files and directories
Group Memberships or equivalent access:
Domain Admins or Administrators
Backup Operators
Due to security implementations in Microsoft Small Business Server, the service account must be Domain\Administrator account.

[ C ] If the BESA is included in Deny logon as a batch job policy.

'Deny logon as a batch job' determines which accounts are prevented from being able to log on as a batch job. This policy setting supercedes the Log on as a batch job policy setting if a user account is subject to both policies.

This user right is defined in the Default Domain Controller Group Policy object (GPO) and in the local security policy of workstations and servers. By default, there are no users denied logon as a batch job.

For more information on this user right, refer to:



Connection with server failed. Hit <F5> to retry. when trying to create a backup job on Windows 2008 server

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Cannot browse backup selection.
The backup exec account should be a domain admin account or it should be a member of the domain admin group (Enterprise admin group optional)
It should have the following policies on the domain level :-
   Act as part of the operating system.
   Backup files and directories
   Create a token object.
   Manage auditing and security log.
   Logon as a batch job.
   Logon as a service.
   Restore files and directories.
   Take ownership of files and other objects.
After creating the account please update the same in the service credentials.
   Tools->Backup Exec Services->Service Credentials.
Also in the Network->Logon Account.
Restart the services.
Whenever the password for the Backup Exec account has been changed, it has to be updated in the BE console.
1. Update the same in the network logon account.  Network->Logon Account.
                   The password in the network logon account can only be updated by the owner of the account.
                   The owner can update the password directly without being asked for the old password.
                   In case if the owner does not remembers the old password then,
                           a. He needs to create a same account with a different "account name" but with the same "user name".
                           b. He needs to replace the previous account with the above new account.
                           c. Then if he wants he can delete that account.
2. Update the service logon account.  Tools->Backup Exec services->Service Credentials.
Restart the services after the update.
Thanks and Regards,


thanks , my last comment was the EXACT solution used


also the first thing that was tried was to reset the service credentials here , I put in the adminstrator password and domian , this did not work and i used the above solution , basicly you want to modify you GPO , run a gpupdate on the backupexec server, confirm the changes in local policy and then restart backup exec services


here are the changes made to the GPO  xs

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