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Dear Experts:

I have joined new company , this company is into the property developers i have joined here as linux administrator, iam looking for the open source ERP , please help me in this. Thanks in advance.
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and OpenTaps
Are more popular and WebERP is lightweight
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Sir, Thanks for the help, can you recommend the open source best and stable one which has the below mentioned features.
1. Inventory
4. customer care
5, Accounts
6, Administration
8,Help desk

Please help.
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OpenERP and OpenTaps meet your requirement.
- CRM (Customer Relationship Managerment) module usually have problem report and tracking function can use as help desk.
   You can create two group, one is external for customer care, one is internal for help desk.
- Warehouse Management includes inventory management. (I don't see this feature in ERP5)
As for Administration, I'm not sure what do you mean. HR related?

You can check OpenERP
first, then compare with other products apple by apple.


Sir, Thanks for the reply, when visit the OpenERP i could see free trail for one month please tell me after one month do we have to subscribe.
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> after one month do we have to subscribe.
You pay if you want to call them for support or get the patch updates/new addons.

As I know, OpenERP version 6 before is free.


Sir, Thank you very much,
doubt is in the previous post it is mentioned A oOPENerp VERSION 6 BEFORE IS FREE  please tell me is it like eariler it was free and now it has become commercial version.

We are into the Property developers which has the roles of marketing, sales, customer care , administration and the finance can you recommend which one will be better open ERP or Oentaps. Please help.
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OpenERP and OpenTaps are currently under AGPL licensing. It means you can use the software but you can not distribute the software by modified portion of the software even you open your source code.

As my understanding, you can use them free. But for the support (phone, email), then you need to pay. Also, some of patiented modules/add-ons if you want, you need to pay.

I was involved in ERP project before and did some study on ERP products and end up using Oracle ERP, Siebel CRM (Oracle now).
I can not give you much details for those two products since I've not used them before.
As a project manager, my experience is list down your requirement and discuss with the related department with details.
Setup the priority for each requirement so you have your criteria list.
Then contact those two vendors with your criteria list. Then you should be able to judge which one to go for.

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