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ORA-06413 Connection not open

Hi all,

I use OracleXE 10g and Visual Studio 2010. I can connect to Oracle from CSE or A5M2 database tool. I also connect to Oracle by code use OleDB. But when I add connection to Server Explorer in Visual Studio 2010 I got ORA-06413 Connction not open error. What is wrong? How can I fix this problem?

I'm using Win7 64
Thanks a lot.
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Imran Javed Zia
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Have no idea how Visual Studio works but here's a guess :
Are you using Microsoft's ODBC driver to connect to your database ? Personally I have always had problems with it. I use instead the one from Oracle.

Here you have anything that might be useful with Visual Studio :

I've never heard of either of your database tools, CSE or A5M2.

Believe it or not, it is probably due to the path that your Oracle is in. Since you are on Windows 64, then when you install a 32-bit program, it goes under Program Files (x86). The parens have been known to cause warnings / issues with certain versions of Oracle. But I thought it was resolved in 10g, so I'm curious if you also have an older Oracle client installed.

One option is to try the new Oracle 11g Express Edition beta. The other is to install under somewhere besides Program Files (x86) without the parens. I personally install my Oracle(s) under C:\Oracle or C:\Oracle32
I found this links,

as I understand, your code comes from x86 previously, and interop was build.
Try to remove your old files like interop.*?
since your now on 64, build a clean solution and project.
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I'm not sure the server explorer supports oracle by itself.  I would install Oracle's Developer Tools for Visual Studio.  It has a very similar navigator tool:
It does support it. What he shows is an ORA- error which comes from the Oracle driver itself.
Then maybe the updated driver in the ODT pack will work over the one that is currently being used?  And I mispoke, the ODT does not add a similar navigator tool - it adds it (or to mrjoltcola's point of support already being there, it enhances it).

Admittedly, IJZ has posted some pretty good links with good possibilities.
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OracleXE is not work fine on Win7x64, so that I change to use 32bit OS and it's work fine.
Thanks a lot.
Good to hear.  Credit to IJZ and his first link then?