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How do I make an internal address available to the outside?

Greetings, I have a web enabled component to our software system that will allow customers to look at their inventory from a web browser.  It is set up internally and working by typing exactly the following into a browser, "".  This brings you to a login page for the application called WebSynapse.  My question is this, it works fine from the inside of our network but how can I make this available to our customers external to our network?  I asked our telecom company to port forward for me and they setup forwarding on an external address but they said they could not qualify it with the /WebSynapse at the end.  As a result, it does not work.  Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?  Thank you.  One more thing, I know that the app is installed in a Tomcat 5.5 directory.
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