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Searching through HKU and setting registry keys...


I have a unique problem right now.  I am trying to configure Internet Explorer for a large number of users. I use IEAK and about 80 registry keys I want to set, some are policies and others are not, but each configure features of Internet Explorer.

When running an install package, which upgrades the old version of explorer, the registry settings are not getting written - in fact, when I monitor the installation,I see the keys being written in the SID portion of the registry. For example, HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1409082233-162531612-725345543-500\Software\Microsoft\FTP\Use PASV: "yes"

So, I need help or some direction on modifying these keys, so that a vbscript can variablize the unique ID number....such as connecting to HKU and searching through all S-1-5-21 and adding the keys needed - For some reason, no matter if you set them in HKLM or HKCU, they do not take effect immediately as they should.   Is this possible or doable? Any help would be appreciated.
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Im not sure I am following... Sorry if I am way off to start with....

So the HKU keys are NOT being updated?

Why not use a RunOnce under HKU\.Defualt, or a login script to nail teh settings in HKCU? As long as they arent under the 2 Policies subkeys, a standard user can modify it (almost 99% true of the remainder of HKCU)...

Or are you trying to enumerate all entries under HKU? Similar to "reg query hku"


And then modify all user accounts starting with "S-1-5-21" (The other SIDS are the built in Service/System/Network Service accountgs), and you dont need to modify those...

Do you have all the keys/values that need to be changed?

Are you managing the ones you CAN via GPO/GPP?

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Works on XP, not sure about Windows 7