Password Policy via Group Policy

nick_kessler used Ask the Experts™
I was wondering if anyone knew of a simple guide to setting up a group policy for automatic password prompting. I have read through a few things, but looking for something that just says do this...

Where I'm failing is understanding the OU's and applying the password policy in correct order for processing, etc.
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You have to set a domain password policy for 60 days otr whatever you required. All the users receive a password expiry prompt 14 days before it expires.
This is applcable in only for domain policy not for particular OU
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You have posted this in the 2003 Server section so I assmue you are usng Server 2003

With Server 2003 you can only have one password policy per domain - you can't have different password policies for different OUs.
In Server 2008 you can have 'fine grained password polices' but these dont apply to OUs either - they apply to designated groups.

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