COBOL to .NET converter (C# / VB.NET)

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Are there any COBOL to .NET converter programs, that convert to C# or VB.NET.  The COBOL version, that I have is IBM CICS, so if anyone knows or has done such a conversion or any other methods.  If there are any shareware or open source projects, that also would be helpful.
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C# and VB.NET are object oriented languages whereas COBOL is a procedural language.  Any automated conversion is doomed to produce procedure-like C# or VB.NET which is not what you want going forward.

I don't know of any automated tool that can figure out the concepts behind the design of your COBOL system so that those concepts can be translated into objects and you can have a properly designed object-oriented system.  The best tool for that is the human brain which needs to analyze the reasons behind the COBOL code, come up with a decent OO design and than convert the COBOL into the newly designed C# or VB.NET system.
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There are OO COBOL versions for the .NET platform.  Here is one by Fujitsu that also claims support for COBOL-85 and CICS.

Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET

These features allow you to bring COBOL fully into the world of Internet applications including XML Web services and ASP.NET pages, and to integrate that code with code written in other languages. The .NET Framework gives access to the latest technology and NetCOBOL for .NET ensures this is immediately available to COBOL programmers. COBOL-85 code and, with the help of NeoKicks, NeoBatch, and NeoSort, mainframe CICS and batch programs can be compiled and run, enabling you to leverage your current COBOL assets.

This is not necessarily what you asked, but should eliminate the need for you to convert your mainframe code to a different language.

BTW, Fujitsu is renowned on the mainframe world for quality software and hardware.

I hope this helps.
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There is no cobol to .net converter.
but there is a cobol for .net <Micro Focus COBOL>
and native/old cobol codes are no longer useful for .net or maybe some are used but differently.
I would expect the COBOL to be relatively easy to convert. However, as I understand CICS (which isn't a lot), the converted COBOL would be useless without the BMS maps, etc.; that's where the serious difficulties should arise. The Alchemy Solutions link above has a very nice graphic that helps illustrate the separation of actual COBOL from everything else that goes into CICS.

The above suggested products will likely do as they're advertised. I suspect that they won't be cheap.

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was expecting to see actual tool converters. There are cobol to java converters, similar ones.
Try the COBOL to C# / Java translator from . The system supports translation of COBOL, CICS, EXEC SQL statements as well as some IMS to C#/.NET (and Java). The VSAM (KSDS) Files as well as the structures involved in CICS READ/WRITE/REWRITE are converted to  Object Relational classes  accessing SQL Databases. Ie data is migrated to SQL. SoftwareMining will also provide the tools for this data migration,

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