Updating RAID Driver on server

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Hello everyone,

Our Windows 2008 server started acting up today and the error is pointing to the iastore.sys file.

This server currently has a RAID configuration built in (Intel ICH8R/ICH9R SATA RAID Controller)

It has six harddrives in total (First 2 in Raid 1 (OS) and the next 4 in Raid 5 (Data Storage etc))

If I download and update the driver ... will I have to re - raid the drives and loose the information?

I doubt that's the case but it's my only worry before going ahead and updating the driver and then further testing the issue.

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Read the release notes.  That is the only way to know for sure.  
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Read what the instructions but usually no you don't have to reconfigure anything at all you should be able update without any configurations being lost

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