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outlook offine profile sync problem voer VPN

we have exchange 2007 and one of my windows 7 remote users connected with checkpoint VPN having a problem with connecting to exchange server.
hosts file have correct local IP record for exchange server.
 user can ping mail server by both DNS, NetBIOS or IP address and can connect to shared drives including drives on the server but when tries t sync outlook with exchange offline outlook returns exchange server not found and same error when try to connect online/
no errors in windows apps log.
not sure what is causing the problem
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Is there any cached email credentials in Credential Manager? (Quickest way to get there is type Credential Manager in the Search box on the start menu)
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no cached email credentials in it.
Try creating anew outlook profile with a different name.
use is remote .I can only connect remotely and it happend on second win7 laptop.
I can't create second echagne profile as it doesn't see exchange server even though I can ping and connect as a share
Ok, try renaming the ost file.

Also try disabling any software firewalls.

Tried a repair/reinstll of outlook?
Are there any other office/outlook installations that could be conflicting?
firewall disabled and not relavant .
outlook is pierfectly working
I can make 10- names to an ost file but it will not effect outlook not seeing the exchanger server.
I've done it for 10 years.
as i said two laptops have same problem. this was fresh install and offline profile is brand new.
ship it to the user and it doesn't sync.
I am using Checkpoint Secure Remote VPN client not windows.
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last one resolved the problem