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Hello every one,
I know that is out of subject related to this site but I need help regard how to describe a graph as I have assignment tomorrow morning and I couldn't find anyone to help me.

I need to describe the attached graph and I don’t know what to say
the instructor need each one to present his graph.

I read something about verb and noun to describe it !!
This graph related to a stock for a company
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I'm assuming your chart is for stock price.

If so, then describe what happens to the price over time.

Looks like it would have been a good investment as the price over doubled in the past year.

You can go into whatever detail you want about specific months.
If you have additional information, try to tie some of the numbers and times to whatever other info you have.  Was there a new version of some product?  A change in targetted demographics?  
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if you need grammatical pieces

noun= what is the chart measuring?  I assumed price,  it could be trading volume, or some other measure, I don't know.  You tell us.

verb=whatever the unit of measure is,  it grew, doubled, went up, etc.  If it's price, then you could say "improved"  if it's volume you could say "became more active"

pick an action that is useful for your measure.

maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are asking for

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