Outlook 2003, Inserted file appears twice on attachment line?

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When I insert a file to an email (happens with all file types) the file appears twice on the attachment line. If I delete the duplicate file no attachment is sent. Does anyone know why this started happening and how to fix it?
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I forgot to mention, if the email is sent, only one of the files are attached in the recipients email.
does this happen on one particular pc or is it happening with all users. if it only happens to one pc or one outlook then the issue is with that client install. run a repair of outlook or create a new profile in outlook. also try and sign on to the pc as a different user, setup outlook for that account and test it.


It is only happening on one pc to one user. I ran the repair two times but still have the problem.

After I attach the file and it appears two times, if I delete both files and re-attach the file in the same email it only attaches the file once?
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also I suggest deleting all content in the olk folder.

follow this article. you first have to locate the olk folder and this can be tricky, so using the regedit is the best way to locate the file. then in explorer type in the entire location. delete all content in this folder, it will not affect anything and it totally harmless to do.
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What about if you use RTF email, instead of HTML?

Perhaps a reset of the current view?

Maybe rename the Outlook folders to Outlook-old, in both the following.... (paste them as they are)

"Shell:local appdata\Microsoft"

Basically rebuilds the profile without touching the registry...

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