RDP blocked in my company network, any workaround ?

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Hello Guys,

RDP to a public IP is not allowed in my network due to firewall, company does not allow rdp (which goes through port 3389) to public IP's. Anyway, I've got a proxy to another network which hopefully will allow this RDP, but I can't figure out how to get RDP to use proxy settings, RDP has some weird thing called TS Gateway server, but my proxy needs special software to be used. So my questions are:

1 - Is it possible to route RDP through the proxy I've already got ?

2 - If not possible, can is there anything which I could connect (using anything except RDP ) then from there rdp to my public IP ?

Thanks a lot
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You can use VNC its similar to RDP, but it to might be blocked. The other option is to setup and use a logmein account from logmein.com this will allow you to connect to all computer that you add to your group.
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You going around implemented security could put your employment prospects at risk. Check your Technology terms of use policy.

That said, you can leverage SSH through a client like PuTTY to tunnel RDP sessions encrypted and around port 3389. You'll need to know if default port 22 is open or not, and if not, configure your routing to an available and open port accordingly.

If you wanted to use (free) services like LogMeIn, you can get around virtually all of this with the least amount of configuration necessary.
An other option is to use teamviewer there is even a client that does not requere installation. Just execute and go. U wil get two codes one ID and one password. Anyone having a right combination can take over the pc.

But i also like to note that you could violate the your terms of use policy.
Leon FesterSenior Solutions Architect
It's blocked for a reason, and just because you can get out doesn't mean that somebody insist logging these activities.

People have been fired from my Company for doing this.

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