Citrix XenApp 5.0 External performance monitoring

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We host an attendance application for multiple client locations. Only one client location is reporting slow performance. I'll paste the detailed email below. We have a xenapp 5.0 (3) server farm. Almost always -20 users per server.

"I shadowed a secretary doing attendance this morning. She was saying that there is a lag between what she does and how our attendance application is responding. She watched me do some of the same things and she was like "WOW! It happens so fast for you!". "

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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You can shadow her while she does the task so you can see it, but I've found that doesn't always reflect what they see.

As for monitoring... I'd ask this;  If every client is working fine is she the only client that isn't? If so, are there other people at her location that are working fine and she isn't?  Is other people at her location are working ok and not her then you've started to narrow it down... again if people at every other location and not her are working fine you've narrowed it down to her.  Without detialed analysis I'd chalk it up to her connection to your network.

I'm assuming it is just her in a location that she is at.  How does she connect (i.e. Internet (CSG, VPN, AG, etc.)?

Is she using a local network provider and what are her internet speed specs?  Granted Citrix doesn't require a lot of bandwidth.  You could have her connection/latency via ping/traceroute to start.  More informartion could help dig into this.


Thanks for the response. Well the situation is only happening with one client. That client has 4 locations in a 15 mile radius all going out the same pipe. (All of these clients connections are having issues not just one) There are 5 other clients that aren't reporting laggy/slowish issues. Now immediately I say its them... Of course since we provide the service I need to prove its not us.

I did have someone shadow one of the clients sessions and as stated above their connection was slow and when the person shadowing started controling... she would say click when she clicked and it responded a lot faster in the session... I hope that makes sense.

Are there any built-in troubleshooting 'session' tools for citrix xenapp5? Other vendor tools? Or should I just look into purchasing some citrix support time?
Thanks experts!

You say it is only happening with one client... does that equal one person?  I'm a little confused cause you say one client and the the one client has 4 locations and then you say all clients are having issues.  The five other clients... are they in the same locations or different locations?

What version of XenApp and OS are you running?  What version of the client are they running?  How is the latency (i.e. have you had her ping from her location to your location)?
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Sorry I should've said company. The 1 company has 4  locations all going out 1 pipe each location has sluggish issues. So its not the local client machines.

XenApp 5.0
Their OS is XP.
I know our firewall will block pings.. is that the best test? There is no built-in troubleshooting software for xenapp 5?

Not sure of there client version, but the problem isn't a local one.
Do they have access to more the one application and is the "slowness" in every application?  Do the other companies comes in the exact same way (i.e. VPN, CSG, AG, etc.)?

There's no real good built in tools for "slowness" unless you have Citrix EdgeSight which can do end to end monitoring of a connection.

You can try this tool, but it has been a long time since I've used it.

It'll allow you to view the Virtual Channels of a session and I believe how much bandwidth they are using.  You can also see latency for each client.  I think it is pretty accurate but I would check the latency of your clients.

Is this a published application or a published desktop?


Thanks. Cool free tool.

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