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had a few files from Sonycam in mts file extension. which free software can we use to view the video files in mts format? which free software can we use to convert mts file extension to other extension like mpeg or avi?
uses VLC media player to play the mts file but the video image lags.
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Hi, you can use VLC to convert it
Open VLC then go to media convert /save
click ADD
then click convert /save
Note the SOURCE directory is where this will go to,
In the destination File put the new name of this clip minus the extension it currently has.
In the Settings
PROFILE click on the arrow next to the video formats and expand it
there is mp4 and divx asf and WMV
I'd choose either WMV or MP4
click start
takes only a few secs or a minute then navigate to your original folder
and see the new clip.

For playback to see if you can fix this
lagging could be a missing codec
try MPC home cinema

in the end, we download the Sony Cam software from their website. didn't know earlier the software can be downloaded. within the program, there is the option to save to wmv or mpeg format. would like to close the qn and reward points for suggestion


using the Sony PMB software, quality is better and file format desired.
Makes sense for sure. Thanks for the assist
VLC does save to those formats as well.
But using the default software is always a good move
All the best Merete

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