Serverguide setup and install cd for IBM xseries 340

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Hi, I need to reinstall windows 2000 server in a IBM xseries 340 type 8656-6ry.
I don't have any of the cd's that came with the box and I want to  create a hardware mirror.
I think I need the serverguide setup and install cd but I couldn't find this cd in IBM site or anywhere else for this model.
Can anybody help me to get the right servergide and install cd for this specific model, please?

Thanks a lot.

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IBM is pretty good with this stuff, have you contacted them?


The server is out of warranty and I don't have any maintenance contract.
They don't give support in these cases.
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yes, I did.
It seems that they took out the serverguide for this model.
I got some serverguides that are older than the ones they have on their site (6.08 and 6.1.2) but I didn't try them because I don't know what version is the right one for IBM xseries 340 type 8656-6ry.
If somebody could tell me what version of serverguide I have to use it would be great.


I got the right version, it's 6.08.
Thanks for your help, guys.
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