Multiple Sites using Port 443 on IIS

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Hi all, was just wondering about how to go about setting up multiple domain names to use port 443. I have several websites hosted on the same server. 
and  only one of them requires SSL

Now I have a new one, which will be pointed to the same server, but it also will require an SSL.

Can this be done?
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It can be on the same server but it will require a separate IP address.


Thanks, will I need to bind a seperate IP address inrternally?
Yup it will need a separate IP bound to the site internally and it will require a separate IP externally natted to it.

Bindings option in IIS7, Website properties and web site tab in IIS6 (iirc) no idea about Apache or others.
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You will need a separate external IP, but you can use the same IP and a different port on the internal server. IPA 443 for SSL IPA 444 for SSL

On the external router you would have to have
IP1 port 443 forwarded to IPA 443
IP2 port 443 forwarded to IPA 444.

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