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Hi all.

I have an excel 2007 worksheet whose datasource is a sql table. The fields in that table are: ItemNumber, QtySold, Month, Year

I want to be able to have the user enter the following parameters: Month1, Year1, Month2, Year2

So if the user enters: 10, 2010, 12, 2010 the results would display data from Oct 2010 through December 2010.

If the user enters: 11, 2010, 02, 2011 the resuls would display data from Nov 2010 through February 2011

How can I do this using the query option in excel?

I tried doing this using the code below, it worked fine with my first example but when I got to the second example it didn't work.
WHERE (myTable.Month1>=? And myTable.Month2<=?) AND (myTable.Year1>=? And myTable.Year2<=?)

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Try to use something like:

where CAST ( Year + Month + '01' AS datetime ) >=  CAST ( @Year1 + @Month1 + '01' AS datetime )
      AND CAST ( Year + Month + '01' AS datetime ) <=  CAST ( @Year2 + @Month2 + '01' AS datetime )

Assumptions: Year , Moth are the column names in your table.
Year1, Month1, Year2, Month2 are program variables holding user inputs.

Hope it whelps you.

Thanks, SB

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