Desktop: Shutting down without warning

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1) I have a laptop (dell Latitude D830-windows 7 pro)
2) It shutdowns many times (3 or 4 times) today
3) Possibly, after getting windows update Today
4) I have not yet happened before
5) Any help to resolve it?
6) Thanks

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Usual suspect when a laptop starts dong that is overheating.
does it feel hot or extra warm to the touch.
Can you hear the fan running?  Does it seem to be running more ofte and louder?
Sometimes just plaing a laptiopn on a laptop cooler (aluminum with fans underneath ) cool enough to fix.
Other times a new fan is called for.

It could be overheating... could be updates... could be malware.. It could be BSOD's.

Use this  BlueScreenView: to make sure it's not blue screens or serious errors regarding driver problems or something of that nature.

Use this Malwarebytes: to make sure it isn't malware.

Do hardware diagnostics on it, which can usually be found at the webpage of whatever brand computer that is in the drivers/software section.

Also you may want to check the internal temperatures of the laptop. I believe there is some software called "fanspeed" that can do this if you can't find it easily.

1) if you notice a time increment pattern...lets after its on for 5 minustes it shuts down...
2) boot the pc in safe mode to see if it gets past prev time increment
3) keep tab on processor explorer if MS...
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If its a spontaneous reboot then upload the .dmp file located in windows folder. Upload the mini dump.

Heat sounds right to me. Goto task manager. make sure nothing is running that might be running your drive constantly. Shoot a fan next to its air inputs and kinda funnel a piece of paper towards it. Also crunch up a tissue end and put it in the fan to make sure its running.
Good Luck
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If it doesnt leave dumps, most likely hw related....BCipollone above mentioned HW diagnostics. You can find a wealth of tools on the UBCD. Specifically, I would run a drive test, an MemTest....

This next one has become one of my favorite troubleshooting tools as of late.....

Debug Diagnostic Tool v1.1

This is an awesome tool, and might be able to help identify the cause of the crashes......

For assistance with it....

How to Use the Debug Diagnostic Tool v1.1 (DebugDiag) to Debug User Mode Processes 


the info solves the problems partially; I have to call Dell Tech Supp

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