Dreamweaver 5.5, pasting pic into table, huge white spaces on L & R

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I'm dropping in a table, 3x3, 100%.  Into cell 5, I drop a pic about 300px X 300px.  Looks great until I click off the table and then BAM...I have huge white space on the L&R of the image and columns 1 and 3 are like 10px wide.

help a guy out and tell me how to make it NOT do that.



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Hi Cliff,

Put content in the other cells or declare widths for them.  When a table has nothing in the other cells, the cell with content will "push" the others around.


tested and it worked.  of course in my googleing, I have found that tables are old school so now Im playing with div tags and CSS.

thanks for the answer though...i did need to know.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

Tables are very much old school.  CSS is the way to go.  Take a look at the CSS Zen Garden (http://www.csszengarden.com/) to see how flexible and powerful it is.

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