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Frank Freese
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I'm trying to get my arms around emailing from Access. Our company uses Outlook to interface with our Exhnage Server.

Currently, purchase orders are being created using QuickBooks and emailed from QuickBooks. I suspect this same task is available in Access.

In order to email what is the process(es) I need to be thinking about as I build this application?
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Access have very limited emailing capabilities. Outlook is the application in the Office suite for Email.

Depending on what you want to email you could use the Docmd.SendObject method. I generally use Outlook Automation from Access.  

I agree with HiTechCoach, you can either use Outlook Automation or other e-mail clients.
The SendObject() method has limited possibilities, while with the Outlook Object you have more option available.

Below an example on how to apply Outlook Automation using Acces 2010 using the redemption COM model (late binding, thanks to Jack D Leach):

See this demo, if you want to via SMTP with CDO;

MIS Liason
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Your biggest hurdle will be getting the Quickbooks data into Access.
Then depending on what *Exactly* you will be emailing, you will have to design the email "Output".

Using Access you can use SendObject to send an email from Access
The basic syntax is:
Docmd.SendObject ObjectType, ObjectName, OutputFormat, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, MessageText, EditMessage, TemplateFile
You can research this in the help files.

If you need more flexibility in the email (HTML text in the email body, Tracking, Importance, ...etc) the you will have to use Outlook Automation from Access:

This may be all you need to get you started.

As the other Experts have pointed out, there are systems that will do all of this for you (and bypass Outlook Security, and provide more options)
Here is another popular tool designed especially for Access:

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thanks folks -
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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Are you using Qodbc to interface QB with Access...?
Jeff: Thanks for mentioning Total Access Emailer.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Total Access Emailer and how it can run interactively as an add-in (no programming required) or via VBA. It will automatically let you send personalized emails using data from your data source  (table or query) and attach reports that can be filtered for each recipient.

Free trial version here:


Thank Luke - when I begin to build that function I'll look at tis product.

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