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I have a WAN connection (512-1024Kbps) that I need to send some large files through using a couple of Windows boxes. I need something that works over a really slow connection and works like rsync where it will pick up where it left off if the connection is broken.

Does anyone have any GUI tools they've used in the past that are multi-threaded and can work over a really slow connection with the 'resume' feature?

I used one called "Puresync" which had everything I needed, but over the slow connection it would sometimes crash and then a person would have to be there to restart it. I have also used things like Unisonsync but it's a little more tedious in that it requires a server at each end to be setup for this and make a large profile for the unisonsync user....

Any other ideas?
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interesting, but these are just files on mapped drives (because the folders are on a SAN and you can't install a client, etc. on that)

Can you setup a mapping to both locations with syncrify and then say send files from X: > Y: and then do the same on the other end?
no i seem to have misunderstood , i thought you wanted to syc in one direction...
this is what you need:
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yeah, I saw that one but it was lacking in the features compared with Puresync
there is also goodsync, but costs money...
there is also the rsync port for win,
but last time i checked it din't have gui, but you really don't need one, since it's easy to use


haven't seen that last one yet...I'll have a look.


I don't care if it costs money....although goodsync is wanting a hefty sum for the server version. :)
yes i know, but if you don't care about the cash, then why don't you just setup a linux server/desktp on each site on a cheap server/mini pc


The only problem I have with the linux version is that sometimes it can be tedious and with the turnover here, it needs to be something very easy to setup and configure.

Do you have any docs for setting it up with Linux or a linux tool that uses rsync and comes with an interface?
have a look at this
that's a gui tool

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