Adobe Flex 3 bundled where?

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Hello experts:
Not seeing the answer to this one on the adobe site.  I need to use Flex 3 for my development.  Does anyone know if it was bundled with the CS3 web premium bundle from Adobe?  Adobe says yes, but I don't see it there.  


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Its bundled with Flex Builder 3, it maybe bundled with Flash Builder 4. However if you are looking to just get the sdk you can download that here


So it's not in the web premium packages but it's own package?  I have the sdk.
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Its available for Flex and ActionScript as well. the difference in the Flex u can easy bind using MXML.
In ActionScript you have to create setter handler using BindingUtils class
I believe that the Web Premium CS5 (and .5) comes with Adobe Flash Builder 4 Standard but the flex 3 sdk is not bundled with it Flex 4 is, but the flex 3 sdk is easily added in Flash Builder.

Also Flex 4 is backwards compatible with code for Flex 3 for the most part however all of the visual components (combo boxes, text inputs etc) in the mx package have been deprecated in favor of Spark
As for dgofman's comment about Flex being available for ActionScript as well doesn't really mean anything at the core the mx components are just ActionScript so you could create an ActionScript project and interact with the stage like you would with flash.

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