Resize image in pdflib in PHP

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How do I resize an image in a PDF file? I put an image like this:

$background = PDF_load_image($p, "jpeg", "background2.jpg", "");
PDF_fit_image($p, $background, 0, 0, "");

How do I resize the scale of the image? (ie, make it longer, shorter, etc)
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I have not tried this, but referencing the following PHP manual page as well as the PDFLib reference, you can try the following, which should scale by 2 both horizontally and vertically:
PDF_fit_image($p, $background, 0, 0, "scale {2 2}");

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F IgorDeveloper

50% zoom (0.5 factor)
PDF_fit_image($p, $background, 0, 0, "scale 0.5");

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