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Informix 9.4TC on Windows, physlog and logspace at 99% full, how ti clear or increase

I have a Windows server 2003 with an IBM Informix Dynamic Server 9.40.TC7. New to the site but the situation is starting last week it will run for a while then odbc connections hang. A restart will usually bring it up for a while. It is running Misys software. Through their utilities I found that the physlog and logspace for the Informix instance are both 99% full. Suspect it's the problem. I know MS SQL but little about Informix. My understanding is that these are transaction logs and I would assume they would stay mostly clear. There are 10 users, moderate activity at most in a medical office. Off at night and weekends, but logs never change. I have been able to enable backups, that script uses ontape. and I now have access to command lines like onstat. It confirms physlog size 56320 free 72, and logspace size 153600 and free 547. How do I clear? Extend? I only need to buy about 6 weeks of use as a migration is underway.

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