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Calendar Doesn't Sync

I have setup a BES, and I was able to get a blackberry to work.

I realized today that the Calender doesn't seem to sync with Outlook 2003.
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Is the user delivering to mailbox?
Two key prerequisites for wireless synch to work are:
-Delivery to mailbox
-BlackBerry configured for wireless synchronisation

It the above aren't options, the user could synch with Outlook using the BlackBerry desktop manager software
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The reason we did a BES so we don't use the BB desktop manager.

the company is running a SBS 2008 with an Exchange Server 2007 and I have installed the BES on another Server; Server 2003.

The registration went find and everything worked good, only the Calender doesn't Sync.
Ok, gotcha.

Just to confirm, contacts, notes/memo's etc. all sync ok, just not Calendar?
And the Outlook client delivers to mailbox rather than PST on the client, and the calendar is on the Exchange server?
On the blackberry go into Calendar then hit the blackberry buton (to left of ball/pad) and go to options then desktop and verify that wireless synch is set to Yes.

Menu options differ slightly from model to model so you may need to reply with model.

Note if wireless sync is showing as N/A you will at the very least need to initiate an enterprise activation of the blackberry (might be worth trying regardless) but you might need to delete and recreate the BES account.
I will try it and let you know.
There are also sync options on BES that state what areas to sync. BES can pull data into Exhcange from the BB device and push data to it from Exhcange. Make sure your options are set for your needs.
Where do I find that?
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I will definitely take a look at that as well, and I’ll let you know