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i have a user that is still using outlook 2003. they accidently deleted something out of the deleted items. is there any way to restore that? - short of restoring the whole mailbox. by the way  - i am running exchange 2003 on a windows 2003 server. ( I guess i'm a hypocrite for saying - they are still running 2003, when i'm running 2003 server and exchange. )
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You can restore it from Recover deleted items.


If recovering the deleted items fails would it be possible that the user's backup solution would have backed up the ost file?
if you have a decent backup solution like backupexec, then you can restore single mails from backup


i've been down the backupexec road. at the time i had tech support from backup exec, and for some reason - maybe it was my version - i had to go with the backup of the entire mail store. i couldn't do the single email thing. however - the link amitkulshresha had worked perfectly - luckily my exchange server was set to keep deleted items. thanks for the help
no prob, it's best to do regular test restores of single exchange items, so if this fails you can contact symantec before disaster strikes ;-)

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