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I currently have a set of users using a file share at \\ServerA (running Windows 2008 r2). I want to install DFS and configure replication so that these data are also available on \\ServerB  (running Windows 2008 r2) in case \\ServerA becomes unavailable.. It's a key requirement that users do not lose access to the servers at any time during this process. Is that possible?

If so, please let me know how to do it.
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yes it is.are you using 2003r2-2008 or 2003

if 2003r2 or 2008
open dfs , add a namespace, configure the dfs roots and select which folder to target dfs to.
then configure the replication

it's all straight forward enough


So then it's okay if I configure the target to be a file share that already exists and is in use? That won't cause any disruption to user access?

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