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Hello, I have a question and I'm not sure whether the result that I am looking to achieve is possible.  
I have 6 serpeate PDF forms that we send to customers for an evaluation.  
What I would like to achieve is combining these forms in a Portfolio using acrobat, and instead of having a seperate submission button on each form, have one submit button that will submit all the forms in one PDF file from the portfolio.

If this is not possisble I can always make then into one really long form using livecycle, but I would prefer to set them up as a portfolio because it looks so much better than the extended length single form would.

Thanks for the help.
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Yes, the portfolio has its own search field separate from the pdf search field.
             see my accepted answer at this link:
Unfortunately that is not possible. Every document in a portfolio is a separate document, so one form does not "know" about the other forms, and therefore it's not possible to collect the data from all the forms in e.g. the first form and submit the data with that form.
Having said that, there is a way to communicate from the wrapper document to the individual portfolio documents, and with a lot of (not so straight forward) JavaScript, you could get the form data and do something with it. But that's a major project, and I don't know if it would work at the end to submit form data.

If you make the form submission very simple - e.g. don't require the user to send an email with the form data attached, but rather use submission to a server, so that the user does not have to perform any additional steps to get the form data to the server - it may not be too much of a burden on your users.

@puppydogbuddy - this is another instance of you not providing anything relevant to the discussion!
Your statement addressed to me is not neccessary, and certainly, not professional.   Further,  your statement is considered inflamatory under EE guidelines.  My reference to my accepted answer to a similar question speaks for itself.  Note that it was my answer, not yours, that was accepted as the solution for that question.  

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