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We have an Exchange server 2003 on Windows Server 2003. I need to pull up and e-mail that we received months ago from an inbox that has thousands of items. I can do it from my workstation by searching with Outlook, however, as soon as I touch that folder my outlook freezes because of the total number of Items in that folder.

Is there any way I can search for these e-mails directly from the mail server where it won't take so much time. How to pro admins search for critical e-mails that are needed?

Thank you!
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You can use Exmerge to extract mail to .pst files.
In Exmerge, look for the screen where you specify the exchange server and domain controller, and you'll see an options button on the bottom right.
Click the options and fill in some details that are unique to this email, example sender, date, subject, whatever, and then export to .pst.


I guess there's not really a way to do it from the server itself.

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