page showing white in IE and page showing with no issues in Mozzola Fire Fox..why??

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I am making chnages to an existing website.. and I am having issues with how internet explorer shows the website.. in Mozzola Fire Fox the pages are displayed with NO issues, however it is NOT displayed at all in interenet exploer.. theres just a blank page.. a bit new at this problem so I need yor help

bellow is one of the many pages that wont work in IE and will work in Fire Fox

is this an EASY fix?? please some one help..

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I get a syntax error when running in ie.
You should check out the error ie errorAlso in ff just a point of interest your page is way too big for a normal size screen, you should think of making it fit in a more normal sized screen.
looking at the source and at 136 it is an ending script tag which to me means that ie has some sort of issue with your javascript.
Please check your security zone settings for the site and make sure your scripts are enabled to load.
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Javascript error in IE could be the fact that you have this "<!--"  but no closing "-->" inside the script block.
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Adding the closing "-->" to that one script block solves the problem with IE in my tests of your site. No more blank page in IE.
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Firefox "View Source" shows two <body> tags where there should be only one and the first one is formatted wrong.

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