Mysql Use two AND's to retrieve only records matching both

Tony Pearce
Tony Pearce used Ask the Experts™
I have a query that looks for matching criteria in two columns, when using this query either/or gets selected, I need it to only pick the records that match both??

SELECT ProdCAT1 FROM $tableName WHERE ProdCAT1 LIKE '%$siteword%' AND ProdSELECT LIKE '%$brandword%'

Any pointers? I can't use PHP, it must be done in the query...
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what you have is correct

are you sure of your results?

can you post sample data that produces a result where only one of the two LIKE conditions is satisfied?
Greg AlexanderLead Developer
Or would get both

SELECT ProdCAT1 FROM $tableName WHERE ProdCAT1 LIKE '%$siteword%' OR ProdSELECT LIKE '%$brandword%'


Sorry, I typed question too quickly, what I mean is:

both conditions MUST be correct for the record to be returned, if either one is incorrect then it is not.

Or have I just got it totally wrong,

The query as is will return results even if second one does not....
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as above experts posted: you condition seems fine.
what I would say then is that $brandword is empty: please double check that the variable is set before using it in the line that set's the sql ...


Thats it, thank you all very much, changed to an exact = and no wildcards and all is fine in the world..

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